Wednesday, September 10, 2014

And ... she's back.

I had the day off from work so after trying (and failing) to get any rest or do anything productive I finally crawled out of bed (18 hours of work in a row will put you low), defunked, reragged and went to get something to eat.  I swear I take my jobs and career too seriously ... it seems like I'm the only one that knows that I'm off on Wednesdays because everybody and their mother either called my personal cell phone or my work cell phone and after going down almost to sleep and being called on one phone or the other, up and down, call after call I just said "screw it" and got up.

It wasn't like I was going to get any more rest than I already had and there were a few things I needed to do today.  Checking on the Daytona was one of them.

After some fast food I drove over to my mechanic's to check on the Daytona.  I figured three weeks was about enough patience.  As I pulled in I saw the Daytona parked outside on the back lot.  I hoped that meant that it was ready.  I checked with my mechanic and he said the Daytona was ready ... he meant to call me yesterday but ...

They cleaned the underside, powertrain and motor off really well, fixed another oil leak and test drove it for a few days.  It didn't seem to leak for them but my mechanic wanted me to drive it for a while and see if it leaked any more.  If so, bring it back ...

The center console / dash electronics are all working again.  It was a fuse ... but not one in the fuse box.  Apparently it was a fuse way up inside the dash behind the radio and other stuff and hard to reach.

And ... I picked up the Daytona tonight around 6:30pm, drove it to the fuel center and topped her off with 93 octane no ethanol.  Tomorrow I'll take her back to work and see how she does.  Maybe I've got her back for good now.

Fingers crossed.

The Daytona is filthy ... so it looks like the first time I'm going to be able to get to wash her, detail her again and clean her out on the inside will be Saturday morning ... if it's not pouring down rain again here.

I've got a car club cruise-in coming up Saturday, probably the next to last one this year before my car club goes into hibernation for the winter.  Maybe I can get the Daytona and the TA there at the same time, a first for that.  If so, pictures will be posted.

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