Thursday, September 11, 2014

Little things ...

I took the Daytona to work today, the first time that she's been out of town in three weeks, and she did great.  Tops off, windows down (the passenger side window is still acting up sometimes).  On the way back I put the tops on and windows up due to inclement weather.

Stereo worked, AC worked and she climbed hills without flaming out on me and leaving me stranded on the side of the road.  I'm not sure that the recirculate option works on the AC.  If you slide the lever to the recirculate notch it doesn't seem to cool as well as just leaving the lever at the tip end of the blue temp arrow.


As for everything else, well, maybe I've got all of the gremlins exorcised from this Dodge.

Fingers crossed.

I swapped out the aftermarket shift knob for the factory knob and decided to just leave it at that.  I've got to refinish the shift pattern "coin" that fits on top of the shifter and glue it back onto the top of the shifter but that's trivial.  

The interior is still filthy from three weeks in the shop and she needs a good washing and detailing and restocking with getting my gear reloaded back in her.  Right now my daily carry stuff is thrown in the Daytona but it's no where near organized.

Looking back at the two and a half months that have passed since I bought her from John I think maybe ... maybe ... I've logged a week, maybe more, maybe seven to ten days, behind the wheel.  The rest of the time she's been in the shop getting worked on.  Today I learned all over again what a fun car the Daytona is to drive.

Maybe now she'll be the car that I hoped she would be and I'm looking forward to seeing how good the gas mileage is going to be.  I know that at 55mph in cruise in 5th gear she's rocking about 1800 rpm.

I guess I got so used to her being gone that now I'm going to have to get used to her being back in my stable / garage.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to get a pressure washer on the wheels and blast some of that caked on grime off then I might get a chance to vacuum her out, wash her down and just get her pretty again.

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