Monday, July 14, 2014

Problems with the AC

I've been gone a week on vacation.  The Daytona has been with my mechanic sixteen days now, over two weeks and I go to check on it.  My mechanic has the Daytona running again.

Fist pump.


Apparently it was a bad pickup coil in the distributor, also apparently a common problem with these cars from back in the day.  Yeah, I thought it might be the "fire" part of the triad of the miracle of internal combustion but a pickup coil?  Nope, didn't have a spare one on me and if I did I might not could have put it on while stranded on the side of the road so while my MacGuyver skills are leet I'm not that good.

The AC has been switched over from Freon to R134A, no problem.

However, the system isn't holding a charge.  Problem.  My mechanic thinks it's the compressor.  It's either leaking or bad.  Great.  I tell him to do what it takes to get the AC running because I need AC in a Mississippi summer.  Without AC, you're doomed to a slow death sentence.

My mechanic tells me to check back later in the week or he'll call when its ready.

So, no Daytona back in my garage today.

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