Thursday, July 3, 2014

Checking on the Daytona

It's been a long week.  In three days I've accumulated 28 hours when I should have only gotten 24 so that means that tomorrow I'm working a half day, four hours and then I'm off for a three day weekend.  I don't have a big 4th of July blowout planned, just Cindy's family over for a cookout and then a long weekend of packing for a week long trip to Gatlinburg, TN ... my yearly sabbatical / pilgrimage to the Great Smoky Mountains.

I worked last night so when I got up this morning and headed to work I was doing about 23 hours of work and 1 hour of sleep.  I asked God to give me strength, freebased a 5 Hour Energy, hopped on the Honda and rode to work.  I got home around noon and my family and I went out to check on the Lincoln (which I had for sale with someone I know), check on the Daytona and get something to eat.  We take my wife's car.

The Lincoln has some interested lookers and one guy who says he wants to buy it.  I tell my seller to have the guy call me later.

We ride by my mechanic's shop and I go in and check on the Daytona.  The Daytona died on the mechanic.  Apparently, the Daytona will run for a while, reach a certain temperature and just shut off and it won't restart until it cools down again.  He thinks the problem is in the distributor.  The AC hose came in but he's swamped.  I tell him don't worry, I'm going on vacation and won't be back for about ten days so take his time and I'll check with him Monday week when I get back.

I leave the Daytona in the hands of my mechanic and take the family to get something to eat at Hardee's (Carl's Jr. for you yankees and westerners).

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