Monday, June 30, 2014


It's a holiday week for me at work and since Friday is July 4th (Happy Birthday, Merica!) I'll be getting that day off and since I normally work four days a week (ten hour shifts) and have a day off on Wednesday (to break up the work week) I now have to work 8 hour shifts and every day except the day we get off.  I don't make the rules ...

So I'm off to the coast for 10 hours in a supposedly 8 hour work day which means I'm getting two hours overtime which I shouldn't be getting and I could get in trouble for.  Don't worry, you can't figure it out either and I've worked for this agency for 18 years now.

I call my mechanic while I'm on the coast and ask him about the Daytona.  He says it started right up and he drove it into his shop to work on the AC.




Okay, I tell him what happened to it again and he says he'll look into it.  The AC hose arrived and he's got someone working on it.  Call him back in a day or so and the Daytona should be ready.  I hang up thinking maybe the bad stuff is over with.

Shut up, Henry and as for you, Murphy, well, you know what you can go do with yourself.

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