Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More AC problems


I have the day off, it's my flex day in my four day work week.  I run by the mechanic and ask him if there's any news on the Daytona.  I feel like I'm visiting a loved one in the ICU.  He says that the compressor is bad and he's got another one coming later that day.  The Daytona should be ready Friday, check with him then.


Pickup coil.  Daytona running again.

AC lines changed out, AC converted from Freon to R134A.  Bad compressor.  New compressor on the way.  Bill getting larger but that's okay, I put away some money for this adventure and that included a bit of a cushion in case something like this happened to the Daytona after I got it.

Take that, Murphy.

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