Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Even more AC problems


My weekly day off.  I go by my mechanic's shop to check on the Daytona.  The compressor is in but now the system still won't hold a charge.  He thinks it's the evaporator core up in the dash.  No, not in the dash.  Please don't go in the dash.  Bad things happen when you go in the dash.  There's lots of wires and things and important stuff in there and stuff stops working like radio or radio speakers or cigarette lighter or a whole bunch of stuff and things get put back together wrong and panels never fit and it's just not the same any more when a mechanic goes into your car's dash.

He's hoping it won't come to that but I might be looking at an evaporator core as well.

More money.

Murphy is getting greedy lately.

My mechanic tells me that the Daytona should be ready Friday.  Late Friday.  Call him then to see if it is or not.

I leave my mechanic's place with a sense of dread.  The dash of your car is like Mordor.  One does not simply go into the dash of your car and expect to come out the same again.

Why?  Oh, why did it have to involve pulling the dash?

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