Monday, November 10, 2014

Memories shared with a stranger

I was pulling private security yesterday morning when an older man with his wife, say both in their early '60's, walked up to where I was standing by my Daytona Shelby.  He was wearing a black leather jacket like me and he looked the Daytona over with a sharp eye.  

He told me that he hadn't seen a Daytona in decades and couldn't believe he was seeing one now.  

He asked me if I remembered when Dale Earnhardt had once raced Daytonas in the IROC race series and I told him that I remembered that ... early 1990's when Chevy lost the IROC series to Dodge and the Daytona replaced the Camaro as the body style / car that the champions raced in.

That's when the Chevy Camaro IROC-Z stopped production and the Dodge Daytona IROC began production.  For what it's worth, the Daytona IROC is rarer than a set of balls on a democrat so if you find one, grab it (the Daytona IROC, not the democrat's balls ...).

The man asked about the history of my Daytona.  I told him that I was restoring the Daytona and that it was probably the only Shelby in Mississippi.  He agreed, saying he hadn't seen another Daytona let alone a Shelby in a long time.  He also told me to restore the car and that judging by looks alone that I had a good start on the project.

Still loving this Daytona and no problems since the fuel line so ...

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