Thursday, October 2, 2014

So far so good ...

So ... I filled the Daytona up Monday morning, 93 premium non-ethanol, and I've driven her to work every single day, to Hattiesburg and back, about 75 miles round trip.  That makes about 300 miles, give or take and I've still got over a half a tank (call it 1/8 above a half of a tank) of gas left.  Of course I've been driving it with a pillow foot and keeping it at 55mph on the highway (I'm in no hurry these days) so she's been sipping gas pretty miserly.

I'm just guessing at the gas mileage / fuel economy since the odometer / tripometer aren't working (I've got to order two gears to get that repaired, the gears fit in the cluster) and I really don't trust the fuel gauge but I did get some pretty effing incredible gas mileage running it back from Corpus Christi so ... maybe.

Anyway, she's got a 16 gallon tank and if I've used about 8 gallons to go to Hattiesburg for four days, with the windows down and the T-tops off, then I'm getting about twice as much gas mileage as my '99 Lincoln Towncar was getting which should put me somewhere in the mid-30's with the Daytona.  Yeah, I can stand that kind of gas mileage.  I'm saving on average about $25 or more a week in gas so the Daytona is basically paying for itself right now in gas savings.

It did rain today, off and on, sometimes pretty heavy.  My passenger side window wiper is acting like it's wanting to come off.  I thought it might just be loose so I popped the wiper blade and tried to put it back on but the clip isn't grabbing it to the nipple all that well.  I guess I'll be buying another wiper blade tomorrow ... this one is barely two months old.  Maybe I can fix it, I gave it about 45 seconds of my time today all told.


The T-tops haven't leaked yet but the right side wiper blade is going to give me a problem if I don't fix it ASAP.  I had to throw the tops back on this morning when it started to rain on me just outside the Marion county line and they've been on and locked all day long.  This afternoon I ran the Daytona back home with the AC turned on, coldest setting and the fan speed about half.  That was enough to keep me from turning blue.  The AC works ... my only gripe is that it takes about ten minutes to cool that interior down (so much glass in these cars) ... after that, it's Antarctica on wheels.

If tomorrow is a nice day, I'm going to try to get the Daytona washed, vacuumed and detailed again.  Ditto for the '86 TA since it took to the road last week while the Daytona was (back) in the shop.

Here's an interesting chart I made up just for my own kicks and grins.  This shows the last four months that I've owned the Daytona and the ups and downs of owning it.  The days marked in blue represent the time I found the Daytona online and the buildup to purchasing it.  The orange days are me going to Corpus Christi to pick up the Daytona and drive it back to Mississippi.  After that, the red days represent the days spent by the Daytona at my mechanic's shop and the green days represent the days I've actually gotten to drive the Daytona.  I went ahead and marked two extra days at the end of September to represent the first two days of October which brings us current with this blog entry.


All told since I bought her I've owned her for 104 days, I've driven her for 31 days (not all in a row), and she's been in the shop getting worked on / fixed / repaired for 73 days so not a good record so far.  In fact, so far, she's been in the shop for about two days for every day that I've been able to drive her.  I'm hoping that all of this is just catching up on some deferred maintenance and that the days to come will be better.

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