Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shelby valve cover

Oh, hell yeah!

This was an impulse buy but since these things are rarer than an intelligent liberal I had to go ahead and get it mainly because I didn't know when another was going to appear for sale (the last one I saw on Ebay was years ago).  I prefer this valve cover to the stock "Chrysler Turbo" valve cover.  I've been wanting one of these for about a decade now and I've seen them installed on other 2.2 powered Shelby Daytonas so the end result is going to look pretty smurfy.

Here's a pic of what my engine bay looks like now ...

And what it will look like when I get the Shelby valve cover installed (this Daytona is painted factory Daytona Blue so don't freak out, I'm not going to paint the engine bay blue).  I am, however, going to keep putting some serious labor of love energy into the engine compartment until it looks factory fresh.

How much?

$137 and some change, plus shipping and fondling.

I should have the new Shelby valve cover on in the next few weeks and since it looks better than the faded stocker I won't have to redo that part of the engine bay.  

Next underhood projects?
  • Clean up wiring, run new ribbed conduit.
  • Install remote toggle switch for electric fan.
  • Rig up driving lights to come on with high beams / parking lights.
She's still getting incredible gas mileage and she's still running like a top (with the small oil leak up front) so ... I'm happy.  It rained today so I had to throw the T-tops back on for the drive home and after ten minutes on the road I had to turn the fan selector on the AC down to the second setting because it was getting way too cold in the Daytona.

At least the AC blows super cold now ... and in Mississippi we use our AC even in the winter.

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  1. good looking. where'd you get it? I am looking for one now.