Monday, August 18, 2014

Back in the shop ...

I left work a little early to get the Daytona back in the shop to fix the oil leak.  I'm thinking it might be a valve cover gasket as oil is tending to pool in the indentions of the transmission bell housing and then running down various hoses and brackets to make interesting patterns on my garage floor. 

I told my mechanic that it was leaking worse now than ever.  Also, when I got it back the radio, CD player and cigarette lighter had stopped working.  I checked the fuses but they were all good so something happened when they went in the dash (remember, NEVER go in the dash!).  

I showed my mechanic the puddling oil on the transmission and he said that they would just clean up the engine really well and then see where it was leaking so ... bonus.

And speaking of bonus.

While I was cleaning out my gear from the car and waiting for my wife to pick me up I managed to go through the glove compartment ... surprisingly in the two months that I've owned the Daytona I've never gone all the way through the glove compartment.  I took out the owners manual and my proof of insurance (both of which I have been through) then found some local maps of Michigan, a Michigan lottery ticket (long since out of date) and ... the original window sticker, folded up neatly and stacked between the maps!

Wow!  I was wondering how I would ever get a copy of the original window sticker and here it was, folded up in the glove compartment all of these years.

So ... it's back to the Honda and the Trans Am for my daily commute.  Life could be worse.  When I get the Daytona back maybe, finally, everything will be fixed, it will stay dry and everything will work.

Fingers crossed.

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