Saturday, August 16, 2014

Still leaking ...

Sigh.  Still leaking.  I'm driving the Daytona to work every day.  She's dripping oil and I've got to find out where but today was busy so I didn't get a chance to jack her on the ramps and get under her ... I did get a picture of some of the strange oil droppings in my garage and the new cheapo shifter handle.

Here's the weird oil dropping pattern along with the patches from the previous days.

Side by side, each from a different day, same leak, I just parked the Daytona not exactly in the same spot so hence the oil leak moving a little to the right.

This one baffled me (still does).  It's a horizontal oil leak.

Generic "genuine leather" shifter knob from Walmart ... $8 and some change and ... it fits!  Thanks to three small screws which crimp down to hold it.  Hex wrench included.  I had to leave the dress cap off the bottom (bare metal) so that the reverse lockout ring would work.  This thing feels like a pistol grip, it's big, full and makes rowing and resting on the gear shifter a lot better than the factory shift knob (which I took off because I didn't want it getting worn).  It's amazing how a 8 buck shift knob from Walmart will fit but a $35 "universal fit" aluminum T-handle from Hurst wouldn't.

Out of all of the aftermarket shifters, I liked this one the best.  It just seemed classy.  The current trend is towards skulls (chrome and bone), grenades, and other weak stuff.  I wanted something functional and good looking and seeing this for $8 I took a chance.  What do you know?  It works and looks great!  Gripping it lets you not have to reach so far down to row and throw gears plus it feels a lot like the old MOPAR pistol grip shifts from the '70's.  Glad I got this.  It takes a little getting used to, the first few miles and you think you're driving a school bus but after a few miles you'll wonder why you didn't switch it out sooner.

I'm going to paint the bare metal black so it's not so noticeable ...

I've got to fix the oil leak, get the interior and underhood lights working (bulbs) and the radio / CD player / cigarette lighter working but right now I think I'm just going to take a day off from anything on my To-Do list and just do what I feel like / want to do.  I need one of these days.

The Daytona can wait another day or two.

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