Friday, August 8, 2014

Minus two ... plus two

Woke up this morning and got the Daytona out of the garage.  No oil leaking, not a drop.  I'm still cautious, though.  If a few days pass and she's not leaking I'm going to be happier.  I've still got to jack her up on some ramps and try to get several years worth of caked on oil / grease off the bottom side of the engine.  I kind of wish I had my pressure washer back ...

I took the tops off, rolled the windows down, hooked up my cell phone, started up Waze, plugged the phone in (Waze and GPS eat my battery up with a quickness) and ... no power.  Okay, the radio didn't work when I picked it up but now the cigarette lighter / power port is dead as well?  I'm hoping it's a fuse because that would be the really easy fix.  If not, I've got to go in the dash, Indiana Jones style, and see what's come loose to cause the radio / cd player and lighter / power port to stop working.

I took the Daytona to work, ran the AC hard till about half way and it seemed to work.  It's not as cold as I'd like / am used to but it's basically a new system so I'm thinking it's got to stretch its legs a little and get into the routine.  

I took the Daytona out to lunch and it was pretty hot and humid.  During the day the AC blew cold but the Daytona has nearly as much  glass all around as an AMC Pacer and with the tops off and windows down, the AC couldn't overpower the heat and humidity.  On the way home, however, the Daytona, with the windows up and the tops on, blew ice cold so I'm happy.  

Now if I can just get the radio / power port fixed without much fuss I'll be really happy.

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