Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I've got the day off so I run by my mechanic's to see if there's any update or progress on the Daytona.  I see the Daytona has moved from the work area to the AC charging area.  This gives me hope.  The hood is up at the charging station and there is a mechanic working on it.

My mechanic tells me that the Daytona needed a new evaporator core and that they're double checking everything now.  When I ask him about the oil leak he says that is fixed as well.  It was nothing more than a bad oil sending unit.  Those are cheap and easy to replace so that's some good news.

I ask my mechanic what the repair bill is so far ... I'm thinking about $500 or so dollars.

We're up to about $800 to $900 so far.

Sweet Lord!

Okay, no problem.  I've got the cash to cover that but it's going to hit me kind of hard in the buffer I had for this Dodge.

I look over at the Daytona.


It's been almost six weeks since I've rowed gears in it and I'm anxious to have it back in my garage.  I've worked a lot lately, extra shifts, so I've been tired, real tired and that means that you don't ride a motorcycle or it's like playing Russian Roulette so I've been driving my '86 TA almost every work day.  That's gotten expensive lately, the TA likes to guzzle gas whereas the Honda and Daytona simply sip gas.

My mechanic says that the Daytona will definitely be ready Friday.

Two more days.


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